Graduate Funding

The Bobst Center provides support for research undertaken by Department of Politics faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. The Bobst Center also provides funding for graduates to host guest speakers such as senior policy makers, civic leaders or scholars provided they speak on issues and topics related to peace and justice. In addition to funding, the center provides administrative support for travel arrangements and publicity, but other arrangements will remain the responsibility of the person who issues the invitation.

NOTE: The Bobst Center regrettably cannot consider unsolicited research proposals from students, faculty or organizations outside of Princeton University or from other departments within the University. However, the Center may contribute funding to help Princeton University student organizations cover the costs of outside speakers, colloquia or research on questions relations to peace and justice. The Center also cannot support visiting faculty or fellows who teach courses at the University except that it may sponsor talks or workshops by mid-level and senior civil servants working in the areas of peace and justice.

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2022 Research Funding Map