5th Annual Conference on Identity and Inequality

Mar 18, 2022
Carl A. Fields Center for Equality


Event Description

Please join us for our 5th annual Conference on Identity and Inequality on Friday, March 18 at the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality. We look forward to safely gathering and bringing together political scientists who study processes of inequality and identity involving class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion in American or comparative contexts. Event registration is required and the deadline to register is February 18. Register here! This year’s presenters include:

Hakeem Jefferson, Stanford University
Corrine McConnaughy and Ismail White, Princeton University
Suzanne Mettler, Cornell University
Nicholas Sambanis, University of Pennsylvania
Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University


Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP), and Program on Race, Ethnicity, Identity and Politics (PREIP)