AALIMS-Princeton Conference on the Political Economy of the Muslim World, April 2018

Monday, Apr 23, 2018

The Association for Analytic Learning about Islam and Muslim Societies in conjunction with the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice and the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at Princeton University and the Princeton Institute for  International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) held the AALIMS-Princeton Conference on the Political Economy of the Muslim World on April 20 & 21, 2018.

Presenters and presentations were:

Quality of Government

Chair: Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University)

Mara Revkin (Yale University), “To Stay or to Leave? Displacement Decisions in Islamic State-Controlled Mosul”

Diana Dakhlallah (Stanford University), “‘How Bad Do We Look?’: A Field Experiment on Reputational Incentives and Corrupt Transactions”


Trust and Tolerance

Chair: Fotini Christia (MIT)

Nathanael Gratias Sumaktoyo (University of Notre Dame), “Faith and Friendship: Religiously Homogeneous Friendships and Religious Tolerance in Muslim-Majority Countries”, (Online Appendix)

Steve Monroe (Princeton University), “Varieties of Protectionism: Ethnic Politics and Elite Alliances in the Neo-Liberal Era”

Salma Mousa (Stanford University), “Overcoming the Trust Deficit: Intergroup Contact and Associational Life in post-ISIS Iraq”

Islam, Beliefs and Public Opinion I

Chair: Timur Kuran (Duke University)

Amaney Jamal (Princeton University) and Helen Milner (Princeton University), “Islam and Globalization: Evidence from Tunisia”

Thomas Pepinsky (Cornell University), “Discovering Social Beliefs about Ethnic Structure: Evidence from the Malay World”


Islam and Politics

Chair: Mahmoud El-Gamal (Rice University)

Steven Brooke (University of Louisville) and Elizabeth R. Nugent (Yale University), “Voting After Democratic Backslide”

Charles Harb (American University of Beirut), Christiana Parreira (Stanford University), and Daniel Tavana (Princeton University), “University Socialization in the Developing World: Experimental Evidence from Lebanon”

Asad Liaqat (Harvard University), Michael Callen (University of California at San Diego), Ali Cheema (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Adnan Khan(London School of Economics), Farooq Naseer (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University), “Political Connections and Vote Choice: Evidence from Pakistan”


Islam, Beliefs, and Public Opinion II

Chair: Thomas Pepinsky (Cornell University)

Claire L. Adida (University of California at San Diego), Adeline Lo (Princeton University), and Melina Platas (NYU Abu Dhabi), “Perspective-taking Can Promote Inclusionary Behavior Toward Syrian Refugees”

Fotini Christia (MIT), Elizabeth Dekeyser (MIT) and Dean Knox (Princeton University), “Sacred Sect: Unpacking Shiite Sectarianism in Iraq and Iran”


Minorities, Distribution and Development

Chair: Lisa Blaydes (Stanford University)

Cemal Eren Arbatlı (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) and Güneş Gökmen (New Economic School, Moscow), “Ethnic Capital and Sub-national Development: Armenian and Greek Legacy in Post-expulsion Turkey”

Aslı Cansunar (Oxford University), “Ethno-religious Diversity, Authoritarian Rule and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Ottoman Istanbul”


Political Economy of Taxation

Chair: Jennifer Peck

Lisa Blaydes (Stanford University), “Land, Property Rights, and Institutional Durability in Medieval Egypt”

Mohamed Saleh (University of Toulouse), “Taxing Unwanted Populations: Fiscal Policy and Conversions in Early Islam” 


Education and Employment

Chair: Tahir Andrabi (Pomona College)

Jennifer Peck (Swarthmore College), “The Effects of Nitaqat on Women’s Employment in Saudi Arabia”

Mahdi Majbouri (Babson College and IZA), “When the Revolution Hits Iran’s Universities: College Aspirations at the Time of Upheaval”


Governance and Transitions

Chair: Amaney Jamal (Princeton University)

Allison Spencer Hartnett (University of Oxford), “Land Reform and Regime Survival in the Middle East and North Africa”

Chantal E. Berman (Princeton University), “Protest, Concessions, and Political Regimes: Event Data Evidence from Tunisia and Morocco”


2018 Annual Conference Organizing Committee
Amaney Jamal (Princeton University), chair
Timur Kuran (Duke University)
Helen Milner (Princeton University)
Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University)

group photo of about 30 people