Message from the Director

I am deeply honored and humbled to take on the role of Bobst Director. My colleague and good friend, Amaney Jamal, has done an incredible job growing the Bobst Center and enhancing its presence on campus and around the world. Thanks to the vision, energy, and enthusiasm of former director, Professor Jamal, the Center is flourishing as a facilitator of global intellectual exchange and academic support, and it does so in the service of promoting the causes of peace and justice.

As Director, I very much look forward to continuing the implementation of the Center's mission around peace and justice. To do so, I plan on expanding the Center's efforts to develop programs that aim to produce academic communities that are more representative and inclusive of the world we live in today. I am very excited to broaden our outreach to students and faculty in the United States and abroad, while maintaining the initiatives that Professor Jamal has so successfully spearheaded.

Though the current moment poses difficult challenges, particularly around issues of justice, it also opens up many opportunities to make change. I am extremely grateful to be offered the chance to be part of this change, and I look forward to working with students, faculty, and staff to pursue our shared mission.


Rafaela Dancygier
Professor, Department of Politics and
School of Public and International Affairs